Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 2011 Newsletter

Reminder: Unless your phone call is an emergency- please do not be talking on your cell phone while in our halls. Thank you.

Important Dates:

Parent Night: Thursday, September 22 from 7-8 p.m.

Friday, October 7- no school- teacher in-service day

Monday, October 10, No school- Columbus Day

Parent Night- Sept. 22 7-8 p.m.

Parents only, no child care available. This informational meeting will give you an opportunity to find out what the children will be learning in their classrooms this year. We hope to see you there.

Book Lending Library:

We have a bookcase in the entrance hallway for children to borrow, read and return the books. Please remember to bring the books back to our bookcase when you are done reading them.


We prefer not to have juice boxes as they can cause messes, take more time to get ready , are more costly for parents and we let the children pour their own juice to learn skills. We usually need one big bottle of juice or two smaller bottles.

If you forget snack or your child is sick on your snack day, just bring a replacement snack the next time you come to school.

Newsletters Via Email:

If I can send you the newsletter via email instead of a paper copy, send an email to and write Newsletter in the subject line. Then in the body of the newsletter write your child’s name. Thank you for helping us conserve paper. I will also post the newsletter on our BLOG.

Lost and Found: Someone left a calculator in my office at the start of school.

Orange Basket:

On my desk is an orange basket, if you have any papers for me, you can drop them in that basket on my desk.

Fire Drills:

We do fire drills at school and we do tornado drills as well. We usually don’t make these a surprise for the children; we talk about how it is for practice. I will post a note when we do them, so you can discuss them with your child as well.


Please make sure your child uses the toilet before coming to school or when they arrive, we would like to limit the number of trips we have to make out of the room. Also, the children in the first floor classrooms need to go wash hands before class in the bathroom at the end of the hall. The children in the Willow Room on the 2nd floor will wash hands in the classroom.

Peanut/Nut Allergies

We have a few children this year with severe allergies, so we are asking you to not bring any type of nut into the building or on the playground. We cannot have any snacks containing nuts or peanut butter in school. If your children eat peanut butter at home right before coming to school, wash their hands please.

Stay and Play update:

I am still waiting for final approval from DCFS to offer Stay and Play. I should know more next week.

This will be an optional program where children can stay from 11:45-1:45 (MWF ONLY FOR NOW) for more fun at school. We will provide a healthy filling snack, and the children will have additional choice time, small group games, music, gym or outside time, and art activities. As of now, I have enough children interested in attending MWF, so if you expressed an interest in fewer days, we will be able to accommodate you as well. As soon as I get the final OK, I will give out more information.

Early Morning Drop Off:

A few parents have asked for earlier drop off. We would not be able to take children earlier than 8:45 a.m.; and there would be an additional fee involved, but if this is something you would like available, stop in to see me or email me at As I have to pay a teacher to watch the children, I can only offer this if there is enough interest.

Pest Control:

The church pest control service is done the 2nd Wednesday of each month. No spraying is done in any of the preschool areas.

Door Bell:

The outer door is locked during the morning; if you arrive and the door is locked, just ring the bell and we will let you in.


If your child is not feeling well, please keep him/her home, they will not enjoy school, and it will help us keep illness from spreading through the school.

If your child is sick, please call to let us know, 847-357-1513. If there is no answer, leave a message.

Parent and Child Magazine:

We give out this magazine to all of our families every other month. It is filled with some great parenting tips and activity ideas. Enjoy.


We do music activities every day with the children, and we use some wonderful children’s CD’s to dance to and sing along with the artists. You can find most of them at the local library to borrow or you can buy them at, Barnes and Noble, or Lakeshore Learning Store in Palatine. You can also order directly from most of the artists.

Here are a few of their websites, some of them even do local concerts. (Carol Peterson)

You may also find some of their music on Youtube or ITunes.

Scholastic Book orders:

I will be sending home a book order form for Scholastic books. You can order online or return the order form to me with payment for the books. You do not need to order any books, this is an optional program. We get free books for our classrooms through this company. More information will be on the order form.

Thank you for being part of our preschool family, if you have any questions, please ask.

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