Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Trinity preschool activities for Wednesday, September 9

For the first day of school in the maple room the children were read the book " first day jitters" by Julie Dannebrog. 
They painted and at the easel had crayons.
We talked about our classroom rules, met our new friends, and we took first day pictures.

We had fun with some music and got to play outside on the playground.

The oak room pre k class started school yesterday.  They tore up pieces of red construction paper and glued them onto a paper plate.  This will look like an apple that we will use to decorate our room.
We went to our gym room since it was raining yesterday, but today we got to go to our playground .

Today we read the book, " if you take a mouse to school" by Laura numeroff.  We decorated a large key shape to put on our classroom door.  They dipped prickle balls into sparkly paint and dabbed them on the paper.  

We did a letter graph of the first letters of our names.

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