Monday, March 17, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, March 17, 2014

Willow Room: MWF class

We listened to the story on CD of "Mary had a little lamb" by Iza Trapani
We are talking about the letter N this week.  We asked the children today, do you have the letter N in your name?

We made "Mary's lamb" using a shaving cream and glue mixture.
We had contact paper and yarn at the easel.  The children stuck pieces of yarn to the contact paper.

We did Mary had a little lamb, List of dances (Jim Gill), and Count and Move (alphabet Zoo CD) for music today.

We looked at items that begin with the letter N and talked about the letter and the sound it makes.

We did a Pat the Shamrock" rhyme today for St. Patrick's Day.

Maple Room-

We read "The night before St. Patrick's day" by Natasha Wing

We made bubble wrap rainbows.  We covered the table with large bubble wrap and gave the children all the colors of the rainbow to paint.  Then we made prints by pressing paper onto the bubble wrap.

We had shamrock shapes with green dab a dot painters at the easel.

We did the March song, and 5 little shamrocks.

We did letter S activities.

We followed clues around the school that were left by the leprechaun.  We found colored shamrocks that left us clues, like look for the color that is made by mixing red and blue.  After we found the purple color, we got another clue.  We could not find the leprechaun, but when we got back to our room, the clever little fellow had turned over chairs, messed up our toys and left a pot of golden candies in our room.

Oak Room:

We are starting a unit on balls.  Today we read "Froggy plays T-ball" by Jonathan London and we read "Watch me throw the ball!

We painted with a tennis ball that was cut in half.

We did bean bag boogie, hands are for clapping, and 5 little shamrocks for music today.

We rolled various kinds of balls down some ramps to see which goes fastest.

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