Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trinity Preschool May 2013 newsletter

May 2013 newsletter

Mark your calendars:

May 9 and May 10 will be our Mother’s Day programs, please see specifics for each classroom. We will still offer stay & play on May 10.  If you cannot join us for the Mother’s Day activities, please let the teachers know so they can plan.

End of the year picnic:  

We celebrate the end of the school year by having a picnic on the last day of school  The Terrific 2's and 3's class will have their picnic on Thursday, May 23 at 11:00 a.m.  (Kids come at 9:15) - parents join us at 11:00.  Bring a picnic lunch and a blanket to sit on.

The 5 days classes and the MWF classes will have their picnic on Friday, May 24 at 11:00 a.m.  The morning class kids come to school at 9:15 and parents join us at 11:00.  The afternoon kids are invited to join us at 11:00 with their parents.     

Camp dates: 
June 11-June 27 and July 9-July 25 Both sessions of camp are full! For those in camp, I will send information home before the end of the school year about fees, snack, and what your child needs to bring with them to camp.

Trinity Preschool Board of Directors:
We are looking to add to our board of directors for fall 2013.  If you are interested in getting more information about this, please see Mary.

Lending library:
The lending library will be closing in early May.
Please return books you have at home to our lending library.
Also, we are always looking for new books to add, so if you are cleaning things out and have books you are getting rid of, donate them to Trinity.

Parent-tot class:
Our popular parent-tot class will be starting up again in September 2013 on Tuesday mornings. This 90 minute class is for 2 years olds to attend with an adult. We do art, music, movement games, gym time or outdoor fun, choice time and more.  Sign up now.

Picture CD:
At the end of the school year, we give each child a memory picture book created by their classroom teachers with some pictures taken during the year.
If you would also like a C D of all the pictures we took during the year of your child, plus a variety of classroom pictures , you can order one – the cost is $12.00. Order forms are in the office.
As I make each CD individually for each child; you must order the picture CD in advance; I only make the CD’s up for the children I have orders for.   CD’s will be given to you the last day of school unless your child is in camp- then I give it to you the last day of camp and include camp pictures.

Mrs. DiMaso is leaving Trinity Preschool after 14 years of dedication!

Mrs. DiMaso will not be returning to Trinity Preschool in fall (she will be here for June camp this summer-yea!).  Mrs. DiMaso has been so dedicated to Trinity Preschool and the many, many children whose lives she has touched over the years; the children are better for having had her as their teacher.  She and Mrs. Hamilton have been such a wonderful teaching team for years now, and she and Mrs. Yarwood have made our afternoon class so special this year.
We will miss having her here, but we are excited for her as she is going to be transitioning into the world of business. Her youngest son went to school here at Trinity and now he will be going away to college in the fall. If your child had Mrs. DiMaso as his/her teacher, please take a moment to let her know that she has made an impact.  Thank you, Annette DiMaso for all of your dedication to our school.

Thank you……
I want to take this opportunity to give a special Thank you to Amy Graver who has served on our board of directors (most of the time as chairperson) since her oldest child started at Trinity Preschool.  She has been so helpful to me and supportive of me all these years, through difficult situations, a storm that really damaged the school and also just day to day as things have come up.  She has pushed me in ways I needed to be pushed!  But most of all, she always had my back and always encouraged me to do the things I wanted to do to make Trinity Preschool special. She was instrumental in making the auction the success it is as a school fundraiser.  We have so much wonderful equipment due to the money raised from the auction.  Now, all four of her children will have benefited from the wonderful preschool she helped nurture and she, along with her last two children will be moving on.  I will miss her here at school, but know she will continue to keep Trinity in her thoughts.  Thank you Amy Graver!

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