Monday, May 13, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, May 13, 2013

Willow Room: MWF class

We read "Baby Bird's First Nest" by Frank Asch

We talked about Bird's nests and asked the children "Have you ever seen a real bird's nest?"

We made our very own bird's nest by using a scrunched up paper bag, feathers, paper towel, and grass, straw and yarn. (see last year post for picture- look up paper bag bird nests)

We did "Clap your hands and follow me" , "The Pirate song", and "Tommy Thumb" for music.

We did our W word chart.

We did a turtle rhyme, and a bunny rhyme.

Maple Room- morning class

We read "A rainbow of my own" by Don Freeman and "What makes a rainbow" by Betty Ann Schwartz

We made our own rainbows .  We gave them dabs of red, yellow and blue paint and they placed a sheet of wax paper on top and squished it.  The colors spread and blended.  
We had roller ball painting  at the easel.

We did Herman the Worm, the May song, and Over the deep blue sea for music time.

We gave the kids small cups with water in it and shaving cream on top.  The children were given eye droppers with watercolors and they dripped them on top of the shaving cream.  The colors dripped through the shaving cream and colored the water.  It also colored the shaving cream.

We had colored spaghetti in the sensory table.

Maple Room - afternoon class

We read " The Berenstain Bears and the big red kite" by Stan and Jan Berenstain

We did a painting activity with rollers that have designs on them.  This involved big arm movements to cover the paper.  
We had roller painters at the easel.

We did The May song, The Pirate song, and Herman the Worm for music time.

Oak room:

We read "The best nest" by P.D. Eastman and we read "Harriet and the Garden" by Nancy Carlson

We made a rainbow Garden- the children used these stiff brushes to paint "dirt" onto their paper- (a mixture of paint with flour and salt).  Then they added tissue paper flowers to their dirt.

We did a rhyming sounds match up puzzle, small legos, and puzzles out today.

We did "Pretty flowers stand up" ( a color song) and we did "Tap your toe and follow me" .  We also did the May song.

We checked on our growing grass.

Stay & Play: 

We read "The bravest fish and the cave monster"  a book on cd

We finger painted with black and white paint to illustrate storm clouds.

We did deep in the jungle and used drums.

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