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January 2013 Trinity Preschool Newsletter

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January 2013 Newsletter
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Important dates:
No school Jan. 21- Martin Luther Jr. Holiday

Trinity Preschool Silent Auction fundraiser: Mark your calendar!
Sunday, February 24, 2013.
Trinity Preschool Silent Auction:
Our one fundraiser we do at Trinity Preschool will be a fun family event on Sunday, February 24.  We solicit donations from local businesses and families and we then auction the items off to raise money to buy classroom materials and playground equipment for the children to use.
 Tuition alone does not cover these extras so the auction is very important to our budget.  We have the auction on a Sunday morning here in the building so that church members can also attend. We also have a great bake sale. I will send home additional information in a separate newsletter. Please help support our silent auction!

Summer Camp: 
Our summer camp will be June 11-27 and July 9-25, on Tue., Wed., and Thurs. mornings from 9:15-11:45. 
We are closed the week of July 4th.

We spend the morning outside (weather permitting) and enjoy special activities that we cannot usually do during our school year.  Our summer camp is taught by Trinity Preschool teachers. Children need to be at least 3 years old and potty trained for camp.  Registration for camp will be in February and will fill fast.

Stay & Play:
We are having fun with Stay & Play, the children enjoy their special snack time, small group games, more choice time, story time, music and gym or outside.  You can join stay & play one, two, or three days or just use it on occasion.   See Mary to join.

Vision and Hearing screening:
The state of Illinois requires that all children in preschools and day care centers to have a vision and hearing screening.  We have made arrangements to do the screening at the preschool on March 6 & 7; with the cost being paid by the preschool!  I will send home a permission slip and possibly some practice games to help the children understand the process. We will practice the screening games with the children to help prepare them so they will understand when the screening happens. If your child does not pass either the vision or hearing initial screening, they will come back and do a retest; if they still do not pass, you will be advised to take your child in to a professional for further evaluation.  If your child has had their vision tested by an eye doctor or their hearing tested by an audiologist, please let me know as those children will not need to be screened and we will save money. 
Also- a special note to parents of children going to kindergarten:  This screening does not meet the requirements of vision exam for kindergarten admission.  You will still need to take your child to an eye doctor to be tested. See Mary if you have any questions.

We have been fortunate so far with keeping flu out of our school. If your child is sick, please keep him/her home to not only prevent the spread of illness to others, but also to keep them from contracting another illness.  The problem with the flu is that it comes on so fast and you were contagious before it really hits you.  So…if your child is complaining about not feeling good, or is very tired, or just out of sorts, they may be coming down with the flu.  Please err on the side of caution and keep them home.  If your child has a fever, they should be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school. Bad coughs, terrible runny noses should also keep them home.  Help us keep everybody healthy.  Also, frequently hand washing is the number 1 way to stay well.  Kids who wash hands at least 4 times a day miss far fewer days of school due to illness. 

Winter weather reminders:

  • Please help us keep the classroom floors clean by bringing your child to school in boots and changing into a pair of shoes here. (We cannot have wet shoes in the classroom and children must wear shoes in the classroom). 


  • Sometimes the parking lot is icy and it is hard to tell due to the black asphalt-walk slowly and hold your child’s hands.

  •  IF YOU SEE ME OUTSIDE BY THE DOOR IN THE WINTER WITH MY COAT ON ….. YOU MAY DRIVE UP AND DROP OFF YOUR CHILD AT THE DOOR! If you don’t see me outside and have younger children with you and want to drop off your child at the door - call the school phone to make arrangements!

Please remember to check our snack guidelines if you have any questions about what is Ok to send in for snack.  Remember, no sweets, no cookies, and juice must be 100% juice.  Milk is a good choice too.  No peanut or tree nut products please. If you forget snack or your child is sick for their snack day, please send in a replacement snack.  Here are some snack ideas
Orange Juice
Mini Bagels and cream cheese
Cheese and crackers
Bread sticks
Fruit- canned or fresh
Snacks and juice must all come in unopened, and we need the boxes as some of the children have food allergies so we need to see ingredient lists.  We send all leftover food and drink home. Please remember if you buy juice or food in the refrigerated section, it must stay refrigerated to be fresh.  We cannot serve food that has not stayed at safe temperatures. 

Kindergarten Registration at local schools for fall 2012
Kindergarten registration is for children who will be 5 years old on or before September 1st.
Registration is handled at the local public school. If you are not sure which school your child will attend, see Mary.

 If your child is in School District 57- they have an online procedure this year which is beginning NOW.  See their website for more information.

If you live in District 59 boundaries, their registration will be Feb. 21  Check out their website at
District 59 offers some options besides your neighborhood school. See their website for the details.

District 59 also offers the “Ready for Kindergarten “ classes for any parent living in the district with a child ages 0-5.  The next class will be in February, see their website for more information. I highly recommend this free class!

District 25 parents should call the local school their child will attend and ask for a registration packet to be sent to them. 
If you live in a different district than those listed, call your local school to ask about procedures or check out their website.

Most of the districts assess children for “English as a Second Language” or “English Language learners” skills and make a recommendation as to whether or not your child qualifies or needs ESL classes.  You can check with your child’s classroom teachers this year to find out whether or not they recommend ESL for your child.

Early admission to kindergarten:  Every year I have parents ask about getting their children into kindergarten even though they don’t make the age cut off.  You would need to ask your child’s school district for their guidelines, but it not something they are eager to do. They require you to pay for testing, and the children have to test out at a high level, socially, as well as intellectually.  There are many factors to be considered when thinking about this possibility. 

Scholastic Book Orders
Due: January 31, 2013 so we will have books by Valentine’s Day.

I will not be sending book order forms home to everyone anymore, I will place some on top of the cubbies and you can take one if you want it.  Books can be ordered online or by giving me the paper copy, but if you order online you usually receive a certificate for free books.   We have gotten over 100 free books for the school this year due to parents ordering books, so thank you!

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