Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "Froggy's Best Christmas" by Jonathan London

We used roller painters to paint paper to make it look like a present.
We used dab a dot painters to paint Christmas ornament shapes.
 We did "mischievous elves" (The elves hide Santa's belt)

Maple Room: morning class

We read "The Gingerbread Pirates" by Kristin Kladstrup

We baked cookies for our holiday program.

Maple Room- afternoon class

We read "There was an old lady who swallowed a bell" by Lucille Colandro

We made beaded candy canes and wreaths.  We made reindeer food to sprinkle on our yards to guide Santa.
We had red, yellow and blue paint with textured brushes at the easel.

We practiced our holiday songs, S-A-N-T-A, Santa in the snow, 5 little cookies and Pass the Santa.
We also read "Mrs. Wishy Washy's Christmas " by Joy Cowley

Oak Room:
We read "Emily's Christmas Gift" by Cindy Post Senning and Where's Prancer" by Syd Hoff

We worked in our journals with the letter N - we drew pictures and wrote words that start with the letter N.
We read a book about the letter N.

Stay & Play:

We read "The three bears Christmas" by Kathy Duval

We painted with sponge painter sticks that are filled with glitter water colors.

We the The freeze dance ( to Christmas music), sticky bubble gum, a Christmas tree rhyme, and played a can you find the elves belt game.

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