Monday, December 17, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, December 17, 2012

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "There was an old lady who swallowed a bell!" by Lucille Colandro

We discussed make believe and the different things we pretend when we play.

We painted using green, gold, red, and blue glitter paint with springy egg beater whisks.

We played with real bread dough instead of play dough.

We got together with all the children for a practice for our holiday program on Friday.

We did a Christmas tree rhyme and had Christmas stampers at our free art table.

Maple Room- Morning class:

We read "If you take a mouse to the movies" by Laura Numeroff
We cut stocking shapes out of paper and added stampers and cotton balls to decorate them.

We had ornament shapes at the easel with water colors.

We practiced our Holiday songs with all the other children.

We did letter K activities and checked out what items that start with the letter K the alphabet monster ate.  W asked the children if they have the letter K in their name?

Maple Room- afternoon class

We read "Froggy bakes a cake" by Jonathan London
We made wreaths using tissue paper and paper plates and we had rollers at the easel with tree shapes.

We practiced our holiday songs.
Oak Room- Pre- K class

We read "Froggy's Best Christmas" by Jonathan London

We also read "Max's Christmas" by Rosemary Wells

We made tree shapes with snowmen abd snowflakes on wax paper to hang on our windows.

We practiced our holiday program songs in a big group with all of the other children.

We are talking about the letter N this week.

Stay & Play: 

We read "How the grinch got grinchy" 

We put a star or tree shape on paper in a box.  Then we rolled a tennis ball back and forth in the box that had been dipped in paint.  We removed the star or tree shape to reveal a shape in the paper that did not get covered by paint.
You can barely see the start shape laying on the paper. The children had fun rolling the tennis ball back and forth.

Great control keeping the ball in the box and  rolling it where you want it to go.

When we pull up the star you see the shape appear.  

We played board games, had the train set out and enjoyed the bakery.

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