Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot summer days + water = so much fun!

Children love water play and you don't need any fancy equipment to provide it for them. Especially on these hot days, find a shady spot and set out one of the clear storage tubs with a little water in it (always supervise children near water- drowning can happen in as little as an inch of water). Add some laundry caps, funnels, empty plastic bottles (you can poke holes in some to add another elem
ent too). If you are adventurous make some little boats. We made them at school with egg cartons, some clay to hold a straw with a fun foam sail. Bring out the bathtub toys, add some rocks and let them have fun. A watering can, the hose on to a trickle, can extend the play. Water can keep children occupied and engaged for a long time. Change it up and add sand to the tub with just a little water another day. Add dirt for mud play.

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