Friday, December 3, 2010

November and December at Trinity Preschool

My apologies, as the holidays get busier, I find less time to do the BLOG. If I don't get it done at school, I take the TIDBITS home, but I time sometimes gets away from me.

A recap of recent events:

We did many Thanksgiving themed activities and topped it off with our version of a Thanksgiving feast. The younger classes made homemade pumpkin muffins to share at snack and the older kids brought something in to make a friendship mix to share. We made corn muffins and joined together for a special day.

Now during the month of December we try to minimize too much Christmas overload and keep our routine pretty normal, but we do some special songs and activities to celebrate the season as well. In each of our classes we set up a pretend bakery and all the children have their own baker's hats. We use this theme as a bake drop for making home made Christmas cookies, baking some ornaments out of clay and having fun pretending to be bakers.

Our art this month in all of our classes is a little more "craft" oriented, we make some ornaments, some presents for our parents, and some decorations for our rooms. We will have classroom parties where the children will sing some songs and we will enjoy some special refreshments together. We encourage you to come and invite any family members you feel would enjoy this event. Information has been sent home from the classrooms.

I will resume the BLOG in January, other than some occasional notes. Have a wonderful Holiday season.

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