Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Activities for Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Willow Room- T/th class

We read "My crayons talk" by Patricia Hubbard

We talked about the color red and our question today was "Are you wearing something red?"

We used potato mashers to make really cool prints on waxed paper. We will hang them on our windows to make our room look bright.

We had magnetic beads and letter, magnadoodle, a number peg board, pizza puzzle, wooden shapes and some puzzles out.

We had our white playdough out today too.

We sang over the deep blue sea, tap you toe and follow me, and 2 little black birds.

We brought in snow from outside, put on mittens and played in the snow.

Oak Room:

We read The Hat by Jan Brett

We drew snow pictures with white crayons on black paper. After we finished we painted over the picture with Epsom salt water to make it look snowy.

We passed a pretend snowball around the circle to music, we listened to Big Bear Can- a book on tape. We sang the January song.

We were talking about hibernation and what animals hibernate. We made a list of words with the letter "O".

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