Monday, January 25, 2010

Activities for Monday, January 25, 2010

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "The pizza that we made" by Joan Holub. We did a 5 little snowman and their hats rhyme, when the sun comes out they melt away and we cunt down how many are left.

Our question was "Do you have the letter "E" in your name?"

We made paper pizza's today for art. The children used paper cut outs to create their own pizza. We had painting at the easel.

we had a pizza game out at the table, some shape matching activities, a car puzzle with a magnet tow truck to remove the pieces.

We have our pizza shop in the dramatic corner, the children put on aprons and get busy taking orders for pizza or being the customer who wants a pizza.

We sang "The cool bear hunt", a letter song called " Pepperoni Pizza" and the "Tempo marches on."

Maple Room:

We have been talking about dinosaurs since the children have shown interest in them lately. We will do some dinosaur activities the rest of this week before we change things over to a post office.

Our story today was "Dinosaurs! Strange and wonderful" by Laurence Pringle

We made "shoe a saurus" today. We traced the children's shoes and then they glued collage materials on it to create their own personal "shoe- a- saur".

We are doing letter "K" activities this week.

For music today we sang "Jump Jim Joe", "Put your little foot", "Alligator chant", "Tiny Tim Turtle", "Can you jump like a frog?" and a matching game.

Oak room:

We read "Good night, Baby Bear"

We made paper snow globes- we cut a circle and sprinkled glitter on top of the circle; then added a snow picture. We topped it with some clear paper to make it look like a snow globe. They are decorating our hallway.

We did a mitten count from 1-19 game, Herman the worm, and a bear story.

We are talking about the letter "Q". For a science experiment we are growing a snowflake in water. You put a sponge type snowflake in the water and each day it gets bigger and bigger. We make guesses about what we think will happen, then we check it each day to see what happens. We will measure it each day to see how big it grows.

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