Friday, December 4, 2009

Activities for Friday, Dec. 4,

All classes played inside in the gym today. We had balls, bouncers, a tunnel, bowling and some other toss games out.

Willow Room: MWF class

Our book today was "If you give a cat a cupcake" by Laura Numeroff and our question today was "Do you like cupcakes?

We made candy canes to decorate our room- we used red glitter paint, they look so sparkly.

We also decorated the wrapping paper to wrap our presents we made for our parents. We used holiday stampers and red, green and yellow paint.

We had markers at the easels.

We had a cookie monster puzzle out, a Holiday matching game, and a Giant Brown Bear book.

We practiced our songs for our holiday party.

Maple Room:

"Mr. Cookie Baker" by Monica Wellington was our story today. We made special clay with the children today and used it to play with and then used holiday cookie cutters to make clay cookies for our bakery. We baked them in the oven and will paint them on Monday, It will be fun to have them be our special cookies for our classroom bakery. We had doughnut shapes at the easel and "frosted" them with paint.

We are having fun in our bakery.

We practiced our holiday songs. we also did our favorite- Jump, Jim, Joe.

Oak Room:

We read "Gingerbread Friends" by Jan Brett

We painted on foil that was first crinkled up and then opened up. We then made a print of the paint on the foil and will use it for a special project we are making for a gift for our parents.

We also made a salt/flour clay to make cookies for our bakery. We will paint them next week and use them in our class bakery.

We played a sequence game- 3 and 4 steps, what comes first, second third and fourth.

We practiced our songs for our holiday program.

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