Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, November 20, 2014

Willow Room:

We read "Thanksgiving at our house" by P.K. Halliman

We painted as a large group to music using fun sparkley colors of paint as we danced around the table.

We had magnetic letters and magnetic sticks at the easel.

We did The turkey hop, Please pass the peas, and we danced with feathers to the song "Shake something"

We made pumpkin muffins from scratch today.  The children helped mix the ingredients and we ate them for snack today along with some other special foods for our "Thanksgiving feast".

We also made our own butter by shaking cream in small bottles until it turned into butter.  We had it on our muffins today.

Oak Room:

We read "One is a feast for a mouse- a thanksgiving tale" by Judy Cox

We made turkeys using pine cones and feathers.

We had small turkey stencils and dab a dot markers at the easel.

We did "This old man" and had pictures of actions with rhyming words and we used bells to do "I know a chicken".

We asked the children "Does your name have the letter K in it?" and graphed the results.

We played ABC Bingo today as a small gorup game.

Maple Room:

We read 10 black dots" by Donald Crews

Each child was given 10 black dots to make their own picture.

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