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December 2013 newsletter

Trinity Preschool  December 2013 Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                         IMPORTANT DATES:


Stocking Stuffers:

Still time to bring in items. Thank you to everyone who has brought in items for the Salvation Army toy drive.  There is still time to drop off small toys stocking stuffers, socks (for children or adults), hats , mittens, etc.  The drop box is in the office.

Classroom Holiday Parties:

Thursday, December 19- Willow Room Party- Terrific 2’s and 3’s class
Parents come: 11:00 a.m. (children come normal time)
Your party will be in the classroom, the children will song some songs and we will enjoy some refreshments together.  Please be here on time as we start right away with the children singing. Children may dress up as we do no messy activities on party day.

Friday, December 20- morning classes
Willow Room - MWF class
Maple Room-MWF class
Oak Room- 5 day class
Parents come: 10:45- (children come normal time)
The MWF and 5 day classes will all sing together in the sanctuary.  Then we will move down to our “gym” for refreshments.  Feel free to invite whomever you feel will enjoy attending.

Planning ahead: Winter vacation: Dec. 23- Jan.3
Special Note: School resumes: Monday, January 6, 2014

Trinity Preschool Silent Auction fundraiser: Mark your calendar!
Sunday, February 23, 2014.
Staffing change at Trinity Preschool

Mrs. Kauke, who started with us in September as an assistant teacher in the Maple Room will be leaving us. While we are sad to see her leave after such a short time with us, we are excited to announce that she is expecting a baby this spring, so will be home preparing for her new bundle of joy.
We have hired a new assistant teacher to begin when we return in January.  Her name is Jenny Occipinti and we will have the children call her Miss O.  She is the parent of two of the children in our Oak Room this year so she is very familiar with our school and our program. 

Stay & Play:
Remember- No Stay & Play on Friday, Dec. 20.
Our stay & play program is a fun way to extend your child’s day with more activities, and a healthy snack.  If you would like to add stay & play, see Mary.

Early Drop Off:
We offer early drop off as early as 8:30 for a fee of $3.00 per day.  Please give advance notice.

Outer Door:
Please make sure the outside door is closed and not propped open on these cold winter days.

Winter weather emergency school closing:
How to find out if we are having school or if school is cancelled.
v  The best way is to: Call the school phone to check the message, if the weather is bad, there will be a message (by 8:00 a.m.) stating whether we are open or not.
v  Check our website ( for a link to District 59- if they are closed, we are for sure closed (however, there have been occasions where they stay open and we have closed due to terrible road conditions)
v  Watch the television - again for District 59- if they are closed, we will be.
v  Always, if you feel the road conditions are unsafe for you to drive; you may keep your child home.

Snowy Weather:
Please have your child wear boots if it is snowy and bring a change of shoes so we can keep our classroom floors clean.
  • Sometimes the parking lot is icy and it is hard to tell due to the black asphalt-walk slowly and hold your child’s hands.
  •  IF YOU SEE ME OUTSIDE BY THE DOOR IN THE WINTER WITH MY COAT ON ….. YOU MAY DRIVE UP AND DROP OFF YOUR CHILD AT THE DOOR! If you don’t see me outside and have younger children with you and want to drop off your child at the door - call the school phone to make arrangements!

Trinity Preschool Silent Auction:
Many preschools require families to buy/sell items to raise money for their schools.  We do not, but we have a once a year, silent auction to raise money for important  items like playground equipment, playground  ground cover, classroom educational toys, furniture for the classrooms and other items needed to continue to provide the high quality of education we are known for providing.  This year we have a different goal, we are being required by the state to put in two fire doors in our hallways at a very high expense.  We will be using the money from our silent auction to help pay for these doors, as well as trying to get some new classroom equipment.
Our fund raising event is going to be Sunday, February 23, 2014 and we hold it in the church lobby.  Church members and preschool families join together to support the preschool. 
Right now, we are beginning to seek donations for our auction from local businesses.  You will be getting much more information about the auction beginning in January and how you can be involved. Please plan to come to the auction to support the preschool. 

Fall 2014 enrollment:

Soon, I will be handing out information to all of our families about classes for fall 2014.  Official Registration will be in January. 
If you have someone you are referring to Trinity Preschool, have them contact me right away so I can get their name on my notes.  I will first open enrollment to Trinity Preschool families (current and past); then I will enroll those referred by one of our families.  After that, if any space is still available, we open enrollment to new families. 

Have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas           

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