Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Make your own colored glue for art projects

We make our own colored glue by using dried out markers and regular school glue.  You can also add food color to glue or liquid water colors to make colored glue, but this is a fun way to reuse something to create something new.  

Save dried out markers to color regular store bought glue.  Use a couple of "tips" from the markers for each bottle.  You can even mix colors to get creative.

Use a pliers to pull the dried out tip out of the markers.  Sometimes when they are too dry, they will crumble, but most pull out easily.

This is what the tips look like when you pull them out.

Just drop it in the bottle, it takes a few days and it helps if you turn the bottle in different directions to mix it up.  

This is how it looked the next day.

Use it to make creative designs 

You can even make fold over prints with it.  The kids like to just squeeze all the different colors onto sturdy paper or save cereal boxes for an art base.

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