Thursday, July 11, 2013

Water Wall and rain gutter ramps means Summer camp fun with water play

We made this water wall by attaching tubes and bottles with the bottoms cut off to a peg board with zip ties.
It is secured to the table with bungee cords and is sitting in a plastic tub with water in it.  

This is one of our sand tables with two rain gutters propped up on a picnic table and on top of foam pieces secured with bungee cords.  The children put boats, balls, plastic ducks, etc in the gutters and pour water in the gutter using the cups and tennis ball tubes.  They also use the tubes to catch the balls and boats as they come down the ramps.

We added a variety of small balls, some get stuck in the bottles and can even block the water.  We placed the bottles and tubes at various angles too to create more challenges.

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