Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Activites for Friday, February 19

Maple room

Alphabet under construction by Denise Fleming was our book today.

We "constructed the first letter of our names" they are posted int eh hallway.

At the easel we painted with brushes.

We added some cut PVC pipe and connectors to our sensory table for building. The children are loving our construction site in our room.

We sang "Can't sit still", little fish, chicken dance, the January song, and Johnny pounds with one hammer.

Oak Room

We read Stars by Jennifer Dussling and The big dipper by Franklin Branley

We put star dots on black paper and then used colored pencils to connect the start to make our own constellations.

We had out some special space activities and our dramatic corner is becoming a great space adventure.

We have new playdough in each of the individual containers for the children to play with their own. We have red and yellow- It will combine to make a new color.

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